We provide the first-stop solution for foreign TV Film and Live Event Video Productions seeking crew and film production services, awarded camera crews and DOPs for documentary corporate films, event promotion, fairs and commercial. From the Pre Production to the final, all that your Productions need, with over 15 years experience.  

We support fully-equipped - English, German or even Arab speaking crews. Our affordable solutions for many kinds of professional media production. because all Team Members are pre Screen proven EBU valid camera-crews, we're able to serve cost effective teams of nearly all positions you would need for a full-scale production or a News ENG Team, on the highest broadcast standard. For webcaster and live video stream, we have HD specials and ftp Download after your Livestream, ready for fast delivery. That is saving your time and money. Why not contact us or request your quote today? We're ready to exceed your wildest expectations by delivering only first class production crews in Europe.

This Serice is available in the following countries: Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, Greece, France, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Croatia, Serbia.

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